UnityStars O nas

In UnityStars create your 3D Avatar and participate in life of online community of fashion and style. The 3D virtual fitting room is for trying on clothes, shoes, accessories and to fulfilling your vision! Find out attractive products, discounts, inspiration and ... friends!

UnityStars - the virtual world of fashion and entertainment combining offer of manufacturers with your real fashion needs.

Fashion and shopping

UnityStars is a place where you can find information about fashion,
events, lifestyle trends and promotions. 3D virtual fitting room
enables you to create outfits that fit the size of your body and style
preferences. Without leaving your home, you can try on clothes,
evaluate your look and make accurate purchasing decisions.

We provide solutions that is changing e-commerce. We make online shopping
of clothing, footwear and accessories more convenient, easier, quicker and ...
successful! We take our users into the 3D virtual world of creation to choose
and buy real products.

Inspiration and advice

UnityStars inspires, presents trends in fashion, suggests products that
are stylish. This interactive environment full of inspiring articles and
discussions about fashion, it's an opportunity to exchange opinions
and to express your personality.
UnityStars stimulates your creativity; find and develop your own style! 3D Avatar with full closet is a great tool to experiment with your own image. With 3D virtual fitting room you create your own style, and the style of your loved ones and friends.

We provide an environment for self-expression and create image. We provide tools
to create original styling, compile outfits, accessories, hairstyles, makeup,
and to visualize and implement your own ideas about fashion.

Avatar and 3D fitting room

Your 3D Avatar in UnityStars it’s you in the virtual world. With your
3D Avatar you come into the virtual world of fashion, entertainment,
unique people and celebrities. Through your animated Avatar you can
use virtual dressing room full of clothes, shoes , accessories, hairstyles.
Trying on virtual copies of real clothes you are playing with style and
create your own. UnityStars community inspires you, recommends
products, advises, assess your ideas. You can present designs on your
avatar, or even recommend friends designs visualized on their avatars!
Your avatar and virtual fitting room is fun in the virtual world. It also
facilitates functionality of online shopping, gives confidence that clothes
you tries on fits your shape. Through special technology it is possible to
observe physics of clothes on a moving Avatar. Now you know ,
if you like your creation!

UnityStars means buying clothes which fit your body shape. Avatar and 3D
virtual fitting room allow you to avoid disappointment shopping online.
It gives you confidence of right purchase.

E-commerce service

UnityStars provides an attractive and hands-on form of contact with the world of fashion and beauty. It combines
the convenience, easy and enjoyment of online shopping with buying right products and safety of e-commerce.