UnityStars Biznes

Based on years of experience in the e-commerce market, we have created a modern tool to support the sales and promotion. UnityStars is a project with online community focusing on fashion, creation and innovative sales platform.
We have developed a new form of online shopping, virtual dressing room that uses 3D technology. Our platform also
offers a range of entertainment and self-development application.


Through the UnityStars platform together we build a community
that gets accurate access to information about the selected
product. UnityStars gives you the ability to communicate with
consumers to promote new products and increase sales.

UnityStars platform creates unlimited possibilities for marketing,
sales activities and creation of brand image.


UnityStars is the perfect tool:
- to increase sales
- for cost reduction
- for precise monitoring and
management of sales process

UnityStars is an application created for sales
of clothing and accessories online.

Brand image

UnityStars is a platform for:
- organizing promotion
- acquiring new customers and markets
- analysis of consumers’ behavior

UnityStars a clearly defined community that
is ready to become a customer of your brand.

The project

UnityStars provides a unique approach to online sales and promotion of apparel. This is an attractive form of advertising goods and services. We create up-to-date relationship between brands and consumers.

Our goal is to offer manufacturers the innovative distribution channel. UnityStars highly positions each business unit of
the of e-commerce sector.