UnityStars is a service for those who see potential of e-commerce. Ideal tool suited to a trend of multimedia product presentation in 3D format.

Attract customers
of e-market

Need to increase sales, find new channels of communication
with customers, reduce the cost of promotion?
We have created a modern tool to support sales and promotion.
We gather people interested in fashion, creation and styling.

Members of UnityStars community could be your customers.
UnityStars is a community benefiting from shopping online.

Get closer to e-customer

Do you want to know the needs, taste and expectations of
online customers? Use the Partner panel tools in UnityStars.
Set up -to-date analysis of sales. Adjust processes on the basis
of consumer needs and preferences. Collect and use data that
is provided by the system.

Quickly and efficiently respond to the emerging sales trends.

Impress Customers with
3D Virtual fitting room

Need an attractive online sales and marketing tools?
Join and enjoy the functionality of the UnityStars.
We have introduced a new attractive formula of online shopping,
virtual dressing room that uses 3D. The UnityStars is a powerful
presentation system, ability to check a styling and fit of clothing
to personalized customer avatar. It’s also great fun in a virtual
3D world combined with the functionality of shopping online.

Come and sell using the latest 3D technology.

Our goal is to give to manufacturers an innovative distribution channel. UnityStars is a platform that provides a unique approach to online sales and marketing. This is an attractive form of advertising goods and services. New way of relationship between brand and consumers.

Become UnityStars Partner and use up-to-date techniques that create sales.