UnityStars is designed for anyone who wants to do a successful online shopping, for people who want to create their own style, and maintain relations based on fascination with fashion and lifestyle.

Come to the world of UnityStars
in your own style

You know exactly how you want to look like, you know your style and
needs. Want your vision come true?
UnityStars is a tool designed for you, your needs and longings. It's easy,
quick, fun and safe, compose, try on and buy creations that fits you.

Create your personalized 3D Avatar and use the virtual fitting room. In UnityStars
you will find attractive products, promotions, discounts, news, tips. Take your
friends for online shopping.

In UnityStars You are the most important.

Cause it’s men’s job
do it quick and well

You don’t understand people who spend their leisure time
in shopping malls looking for nothing?
For you shopping is a quick and lethally effective mission.
Do you want a winter jacket or a suit? If so, UnityStars
has been created for you.

Browse the available assortment, discounts. Specify your needs.
Want suit and shirt? Choose also a tie, shoes and a belt.
Using a virtual dressing room check if it fits you. Is it OK?
Just click, buy and you have what you wanted!

Quick and efficient, ‘cause easy and safe.

Experiment with your image

You have an absolute freedom to create your image. Pierced ears,
dye your hair, Iroquois hairstyle, pants with a million holes. You do
what you want without consequences, because you're in
UnityStars 3D virtual world. Avatar 3D with your face, size and
shape of the body can survive anything.
3D virtual dressing room full of image options, various items of
clothing, footwear, accessories give you limitless possibilities
of creation and styling.

Create your own style and get recognition. Posting posts on your profile,
organize hobby clubs, participate in contests. Follow and comment on
events from the world of fashion and lifestyle. Create your own designs
and show it to the world.

Unleash your imagination, have fun and go crazy!

Buy her a gift

Do you want to choose sexy underwear for a loved one?
A good brand, the latest collection, fabulous color,
beautiful material. You can be sure that everything
will be perfectly suited to her unique body.
This gift is made to be successful!

Create or download Avatar of your girl. Use the virtual fitting room,
select products matching the size and color of her eyes.
Make a unique gift for a unique person. Give her happiness.

UnityStars. Only successful gifts.

Dress yourself and
your family

You want your family to be well dressed, but your children
prefer to play games, jump and fly than go to a shopping mall?
UnityStars is a solution.

Create Avatars of each of the family member. Then select and try on
clothes, choose a accessories. Once you complete a virtual closet full
of clothes, show your proposals on the computer screen. After a while
you learn what they like or not, whether they accept your proposal.
Talk together. And what about the fashion evening session with
the whole family?

UnityStars. Family shopping is easy and enjoyable.

Solutions designed for the individual needs of each of us, in a format
accessible to all.