Value of online retail is growing rapidly. Globally, 2013 had total revenues of $600 billion, which is 4% of total retail sales. Since 2007 it recorded growth by 70%. Expected value of online sales is $1,248.7 billion by the end of 2017.

Number of Internet users is growing intensely.

In 2009 they were 26% of world population. In 2013 already more
than 39%. The highest percentage of penetration is in Nordic
countries (Finland, Sweden) and USA – 78%.
The number of young – under 30 YO Internet user is growing
faster than other age groups, and is estimated as 95%.

The importance of information and technology in everyday
life is increasing.

The Internet is by far the most popular source
of information.

The most common usage of the Internet is research for
scholar and business purposes. Shopping is mentioned
as one of the most common cause of using the Internet.

Social and business life of global community is moving
to the Internet environment.

Consumers more frequently shops online or by
showrooming (looking at brick-and-mortar shops
and buying online).

Top purchase drivers: 80% of consumers are more likely to
purchase a product online when offered free shipping, 64%
of consumers are more likely to purchase when offered
free returns and exchanges.

About 69% of Internet users buy online.

20% of the global Internet users buy clothing,
footwear and fashion accessories.

59% of buyers are women. 24% of consumers say they want
retailers to offer wider product selections online than in stores.

Apparel e-commerce market is growing very fast.

Shopping online of clothing and footwear is growing rapidly

The main growth drivers are:
1. Online stores of famous fashion brands supporting mass customers and offering products on a massive scale. Renowned apparel brands launched online sales and invested in the promotion in the Internet to attracted new customers.
2. Multibrands online stores focusing on specific consumer groups and offering products from medium and small fashion companies. Profiled stores have created a demand for low-volume products tailored to the needs and preferences of customers. They offer a wide range of products that are not available in chain stores.

The online market generates a huge demand for both large and medium-sized companies.


Five years ago investment in online business may have seemed risky. Today it’s obvious that it is a good business with huge prospects.
The share of online trading in 2013 reached 4% in total retail revenues. But in 2017 it may reached even 15%!

The highest surge in the value of e-commerce market is yet to come. Sales of clothing will grow fast because consumers will get new feature – virtual fitting room.

Source: Euromonitor International, Cushman & Wakefield, US Census Bureau