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What is the commission from transaction at UntyStars?
UnityStars charges a commission on products sold. The commission is:
  • 15% of sales of tangible/real products
  • 30% of the sales of digital products
Detailed information on the fees and charges you will find in the Terms&Conditions of UnityStars service.
How can I get products in 3D format?
To prepare products in 3D format, Partner based on the technical specifications, may:
  • Individually complete most of the tasks, when manufacturing apparel in 3D format,
  • Outsource them to subcontractors,
  • Order them at UnityStars service.
Finaly 3D files are converted to digital format UnityStars (.usf) by UnityStars staff.
To make a product in 3D format we need:
  • 2D tailer’s cut in CAD format,
  • Packshots of products,
  • List of fabric material used for manufacturing an item.
For further information on 3D production technology and technical specifications of 3D products contact our Service Team. The technical specifications of 3D products can be downloaded after logging into Partner’s Panel.
Can I use 3D fitting room at my online shop?
Yes, your e-shop can use the 3D fitting room. To do this, you need to integrate your online shop with UnityStars and then decide how buyers can use the 3D functionality. There are two options:
  • Using special 3D icon next to 3D product available at your e-shop,
  • Browsing for products at UnityStars system.
May I sell products all over the world?
UnityStars sales system allows sale of products anywhere in the world. You should, however, take into consideration that some Partners limit to sell their products to some countries, for reasons such as pricing policy, ability to realize returns, warranty repairs, etc.
What requirements should be met to become UnityStars Partner?
Following entities can sell at UnityStars can:
  • Legal entities,
  • Sole proprietorships,
  • The organizational units without legal entity, but may acquire rights and incur responsibilities.
In order to start cooperation with UnityStars Partner should register in Partner’s Panel, login to the Partner’s Panel, complete the application and attach the registration documents. Detailed information can be found in the Terms&Conditions of UnityStars system. Take advantage of the free assistance of an advisor who will help you with your registration and start sales.
How can I promote products at UnityStars ?
UnityStars Service offers many opportunities to promote products, such as:
  • Mailings to e-mail addresses of UnityStars customers,
  • Articles in UnityStars Magazine,
  • Advertisements within SALE tab,
  • Inserting product’s card in “Recommendations” window,
  • Feature product’s card in a browser (gold or silver color),
  • Adding label “New”,
  • Visualization of price reductions, for example: “20% off”,
  • The discounts, for example: “2 product for 50%”,
  • Rewarding buyers such as: “Buy products for $30, and get free cosmetic bag”,
  • Placing products in the “Hot or Not” section,
  • Icon " Try in 3D " next to the picture of the product at online Partner’s shop.
Most of promotional options you can prepare individually, using Partner’s Panel.
If you would like them to be more sophisticated, please contact our Service Team.
Can I integrate my online shop with UnityStars system?
Yes, use integration model in Partner’s Panel. In order to integrate your e-shop with UnityStars you should have:
  • Online shop platform,
  • Access to FTP server, where your e-shop is installed,
  • Registered Partner’s account at UnityStars system.
For standard e-shops platform, an integration is simple and intuitive. If you have any issues, contact our Service Team. Once integrated with our system you can sell products through your e-shop and UnityStars, use additional functionality of 3D fitting room, and to expand the circle of customers.
How to start cooperation with UnityStars?
In order to start cooperation with UnityStars you should:
  • Register the Partner’s account
  • Login to the Partner’s Panel and complete the application process.
After checking procedures our administrator will activate your Partner’s account.
Now you can entering products into the system and start selling your products. Detailed information can be found in the Terms&Condition.
Service Team can support you at every stage of your activity.
What are other financial issues between UnityStars and Partners
Provider of UnityStars service - the company GlobalFun LLC charges fees for organization of transactions within the service. They include:
  • Commissions per sales,
  • Costs of shipment,
  • Fees for use of promotional tools.
Commission fees and shipment costs are automatically calculated during payments made by customers through the service provider's bank account. Fees for the marketing of products at UnityStars are made to the Provider bank account.
Any time, Partner receives an invoice amounting to the value of purchased services. Invoices and detailed settlement of services are available in the Partner Panel.
What products can be sold at UnityStars?
At UnityStars you can sell clothing, underwear, footwear, clothing accessories, jewelry. Sales and promotion of products is made through Partner Panel. In “Add Product” tab you will find a detailed list of products’ categories.

At UnityStars you can also sell digital products such as authorized virtual avatars
of celebrities, virtual clothes, animations, music, games which are not available in traditional selling and computer application.

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